Strong Women
Strong Women is a powerful production that truly expresses the real feelings of women who are incarcerated, whose voices need to be heard and not silenced because of a crime. Strong Women has a way of expressing the pain, shame and guilt but not excusing the crime…”
– -Dee Dee Osobor
Founder and Executive Director, SISTAH, Chicago, IL

Strong Women is a short theatrical piece created from poetry written by women incarcerated at the Cook County Jail, as part of Still Point’s Persephone Project. This piece communicates the thoughts and feelings of incarcerated women to the general public in order to break down stereotypes and encourage awareness regarding the U.S. criminal justice system. This raw, moving performance explores the shock of arrival and the anguish of mothers being separated from their children. Confronting abuses past and present, the characters embark on a journey of healing and growth. Presented from the prisoner’s point of view, Strong Women is a window into the personal experience of incarceration, and represents a ritual of self-liberation.
The forty minute performance is followed by a question and answer session led by Still Point Founder Lisa Wagner-Carollo, who is also a Persephone Project Facilitator.

Booking a Performance

– $1,000 for a local performance (0-2 hours round trip travel)

– $1,200 for non-local performance (2.5-4 hrs round trip)

– $1,500 for a non-local performance (requiring plane travel or over 4 hours round trip travel)

– Travel, food, lodging for three actors.

– Running time: 60 minute presentation, including a 40 minute performance followed by 15-20 minute talkback session.

Please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 or