Living Water
“Still Point’s play Living Water: The Story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church was so well received in our parish. It was such a moving experience… and an important message for the Church today. I would highly recommend this production for any community of faith!”
– Fr. Brian G. Walker, OP
St. Benedict the African Church, Chicago, IL

Living Water: The Story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church
Living Water is based on the true resurrection story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church in New Orleans. In the wake of the floods that devastated New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the Archdiocese was faced with an economic crisis, and St. Gabriel was scheduled to be closed along with 27 other parishes. A decision was made to rebuild on their own; and the entire congregation, led by Father Doug Doussan and Sister Kathleen Pittman, set about the seemingly impossible task of trying to restore both the neighborhood and the parish.

Based on extensive interviews with members of the St. Gabriel community, this four person play chronicles a parish that experienced heartache and healing together. From a young woman who was a teenager at the time of Katrina, to a college administrator who serves on the Church’s finance committee, to a seasoned church elder, to Fr. Doug and Sr. Kathleen – the voices of St. Gabriel weave together to create the tapestry of this story. Accented with original music and liturgical scenes that celebrate the unifying power of shared worship, this production was created to inspire audiences and to spark meaningful dialogue around how to bring the lessons of St. Gabriel’s into the viewers our own faith communities.

The play was co-written by Lisa Wagner-Carollo and Anita Dacanay, and directed by Virginia Smith. Holly Windingstad designed the set and costumes, and Damon Lee composed the music.

Behind the scenes
Monsignor Doug Doussan, former Pastor of St. Gabriel, and Sr. Kathleen Pittman – were the Pastoral team at St. Gabriel when Hurricane Katrina struck, and cooperated with Still Point in gathering the raw material and creating the play.

Booking a Performance

– Cost of local show: $1,000
– Non-local requiring 2.5-4 hours round trip: $1,100
– Non-local requiring 4.5-8 hours round trip: $1,250
– Running time of show: 1 hour and 15 minutes, no intermission
– Travel, food and lodging for four actors and one stage manager.
– This play can be accompanied by a Power Point presentation with Spanish scene descriptions for Spanish/English bilingual audiences.

Please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 orĀ